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The Best Flip-Flop Ever is Actually a Flipshoe





Anyone who has ever owned a flip-flop knows that this coveted piece of footwear has a fair few limitations to it. Flip-flops are great to wear, but there are some aspects where it actually fails to work as they are needed.


One obvious action you cannot perform with flip-flops is running. The minute you start running with flip-flops, you might feel your flip-flop coming off of your foot. The flip-flop might get left behind and you can end up running along on your bare feet. Another common problem seen with flip-flops is the lack of proper support for the arch of your foot. Flip-flops are flat. This means that they provide no support whatsoever for the arch of your foot and your foot can end up hurting after extensive use of the flip-flops.


Flip-flop have no support for the arch



However, the dangers and threats that flip-flops pose to daily life are not enough to deter many from their use. After all, flip-flops are quite easy to wear every day and provide an easy solution for daily use. The solution to the problem is thus not deterring people away from flip-flops. Instead, the solution is revolutionizing flip-flops. That’s exactly what’s happened with the flip-shoe.



What is the Flip-Shoe?

Link, the first ever flip-shoe is the revolutionary piece of footwear that your urban life has demanded for a long time. It has the sole of a shoe while having the ease and structure of a flip-flop. It combines the quick solutions given to you by a flip-flop and combines it with the support and strength of a shoe. It’s the perfect footwear for everyday use, quick to wear and take off while being supportive of your foot.


Link, is a piece of footwear that your urban life has demanded for a long time



With a flip-shoe, you can do a lot that you could not do with a flip-flop. This includes running, cycling, and even skateboarding. Although the flip-shoe isn’t made for any of those activities, the fact that it has the strength and support of a shoe means that you can perform all those activities. It should be noted that such activities are practically almost impossible with a flip-flop.

If you’re looking for something to make your life easier while also making it safer, the thing you need to wear on your feet is Link. It’s the biggest innovation in urban footwear in a long time and is something that the world has needed for the same amount of time. Giving you the freedom of flip-flops and the protection and safety of shoes. Your feet will longer hurt and neither will you, if you have to face the hassle and uncomfortable feeling that shoes give through a very long day.


Link, giving you the freedom of flip-flops and the protection and safety of shoes



Link, is what you need to make your life easier, stylish, and generally better. If you’re looking for the best piece of footwear today, you need to go for the flip-shoe Link.



About The Author

Yehuda Azoulay is the founder and CEO of Link shoes . You can connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instaram.

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