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Introducing LINK: The First Ever Flip Shoe and the Ultimate Footwear for Urban Life

“Link”, The Ultimate Footwear for Urban Life



Over the years, flip-flops have become one of the most popular piece of footwear. They are easy to wear and to take off. Furthermore, their open design allows a lot of air to flow around your foot, keeping it cool and comfortable. Their popularity has made many turn towards them for daily urban use. Many have been replacing their work shoes and footwear with flip-flops. However, both of them have their fair share of problems and inconveniences.



The Problems with Flip-Flops and Shoes

You might have heard many people telling you to not wear flip-flops throughout the day. Although flip-flops are might comfortable, they have their fair share of fallacies that make them unfit for urban use. First of all, flip-flops have a habit of coming off if they are subjected to some pressure via some activity. They are bound to come off when you’re running, cycling, or taking part in any physical activity. Furthermore, they have no arch support. This leaves the arch of your feet without any support whatsoever and can take a major toll on your feet after a long days.

At the same time shoes do not give the same measure of ease and the comfort that flip-flops allow even if they have better arch support and usually don’t come off during any kind of physical activity. Thus, both shoes and flip-flops have their negative aspects. What you need is a piece of footwear that has the benefits of both and none of their negatives. That piece of footwear is “Link”, the world’s first ever flip-shoe.



Flip-Flops, unfit for urban use



“Link”, The Ultimate Urban Footwear

Link combines the strength and support of shoes with the ease and the comfort of a flip-flop. It gives you the best that both have to offer while having none of their negative aspects in it. This makes it the best piece of urban footwear for your daily use.


The best piece of urban footwear for your daily use



 Since it’s a flip-shoe and not a flip-flop, you won’t have any trouble with wearing Link to work, no matter what you do. At the same time, you can wear Link for hours and walk around in it for miles without experiencing any sort of pain, the likes of which you would normally experience with a flip-flop. With this comfort and support, it combines the ease of flip-flop, with the top being designed like a flip-flop and allowing you to take it off and wear it at any time without any sort of hassle.

Beyond work, Link is your trusted partner for walking, running, cycling, and any sort of activity. It will never come off and it will give you the support that you need for any of those activities just like a pair of shoes would. With Link, you can complete any urban task and experience almost all of urban life without being troubled by your shoes. It’s the best thing to wear around a pool too. 


Your swimming pool companion

Your swimming pool companion


If you want your urban life to have the best support, Link is the footwear you need.



About The Author

Yehuda Azoulay is the founder and CEO of Link shoes . You can connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instaram.

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