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Link, Plug & Walk

LINK, Plug & Walk
Slippery in wet conditions? Sweaty feet ? Unprotected feet? No arch support?

LINK is The Answer.

Give up on your flip-flops and select a new walking experience. Choose your LINK


The Best of Both Worlds

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LINK Flipshoe

Free like a flip-flop

LINK will provide you with maximum ventilation while maintaining your leg without giving up simplicity and comfort. Choose your Flipshoe
LINK Flipshoe

Safe as shoes

LINK combines the strength and support of shoes with the ease and the comfort of a flip-flop. This makes it the best piece of urban footwear for your daily use. Pick your LINK
LINK Flipshoe

Just Plug & Walk

Experience Flipshoes for the first time in history. Link is Free like a flip-flop and Safe as shoes, perfect for your intensive urban life - just plug & walk. Shop now

Our Customers Say.

LINK Testimonials

"It looks and feels special. Open as a Flip-flop and you can even run in it when necessary. In one word - exciting.”

Nitzan TurtelCustomer

"I received a pair of shoes for inspection, which are unlike any shoes I've ever had. They're a fusion of shoes and flip-flops - fun and simple to wear like flip-flops, yet comfortable and protective like shoes."

Emely Ben SadonCustomer

"Forget everything you knew about shoes or flip-flops. This is something that everyone owes to themselves to try."

Ben MeshulamCustomer

"I didn't think these shoes would hold up to my feet, but they did, even with the jumps I made and running. Simply amazing!"

Yuval PeriCustomer

Build A Better Tomorrow

At LINK, we believe there is a better way to make shoes. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers can feel freedom and safety in our flipshoes, allowing them to wear them anywhere, even in crowded urban environments. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it. We are also committed to applying and sharing our expertise in ways that benefit people, the community, and our planet, in order to build a better tomorrow. We're excited to simplify footwear for everyone.

The World's First Flipshoe

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