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LINK, the ultimate unisex urban footwear collection, now available in black and white. Combining the strength and support of shoes with the ease and comfort of a flip-flop, LINK Flipshoe is designed to provide maximum comfort and support for your daily use.

The lightweight design and breathable material make it ideal for long days on your feet. The vertebral structure provides a secure fit, while the cushioned footbed ensures maximum comfort.

Now, LINK celebrates the perfect opposites of black and white, offering a versatile and stylish option for every outfit and occasion.

By pre-ordering, you're not only getting an exclusive discount but also contributing to sustainability by preventing unnecessary product production.

Some more info

Step into the realm of unparalleled lightness with our feather-light marvels, weighing in at a mere 110 grams! What makes them the undisputed champions of lightweight footwear.

  • Vertebrae construction for added support
  • 1 piece molded design for durability
  • EVA insole & Outsole for added cushioning
  • Barefoot feeling for a natural fit
  • Quick-drying material for convenience
  • Available in Black & White
  • Standard Regular fit

The most accurate way to measure your feet is by following the instructions in the attached video - Click Heare >

You can also refer to the table below as a guide:

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Slippery in wet conditions? Sweaty feet? Unprotected feet? No arch support?

LINK is The Answer


Our Customers Say

"I did not believe that shoes could hold my feet and they did, even with the jumps I'd made and running too. Simply amazing!”

Yuval PeriCustomer

"I got a pair of shoes for inspection, which is not like any shoes I've ever had. It's a fusion of shoes and flip-flops. Fun and simple to wear like a flip-flop, comfortable and protected like shoes.”

Emely Ben SadonCustomer

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